Sunday 12th June 2022 – 3pm

For the final concert in our Sunday afternoon trio, we welcome music group Zalifenta local to the Bath and Bristol area, who came together through a love of baroque music.  Performed on period instruments, their programme will take us on a fascinating journey thorough music from the 17th and 18th centuries.  Expect lively dances, tuneful melodies and a varied array of work from composers such as Telemann, Bellinzani and Loeillet.  The musicians will introduce the individual pieces and talk informally about their remarkable instruments: Viola da Gamba, ancestor of the ‘cello, various recorders and a spinet, an ancestor of the modern piano.

Performers: Hazel Fenton and Richard Little (recorders), Frances Zagni (viola da gamba) and John Talbot (spinet)



Trio Sonata in F major: Pierre Prowo  (1697-1757)

Allemande    Courante    Sarabande    Bouree

Solo Sonata in C major: Carl Friedrich Abel  (1723-1787)

Vivace    Adagio    Minuetto

L’Imitation du chant phisieurs oyseaux: Robert Orme  (d.1711)

Allegro    Adagio    Allegro

Sonata in Canon in C major: Georg Philipp Telemann  (1681-1767)

Dolce    Allegro    Grave    Vivace

A Pavane for these Distracted Times: Thomas Tomkins  (1572-1656)

Trio Sonata in C major: Paulo Benedetto Bellinzani  (1682-1757)

Grave    Allegro    Largo    Allegro

Trio Sonata in G minor: John Loeillet of London  (1680-1730)

Largo    Allegro    Largo    Allegro

Sun, 12 June 2022

St Andrew’s Parish Church
Church Lane
Chew Stoke
BS40 8TU