To ease or not to ease?

That is the question.

Shakespeare in Lockdown

Matilda quotes from Macbeth.

Valley Arts’ very own trustee, Ray Montague takes the parts of both Romeo and Juliet!

Chew Valley School’s year 13 A level Drama students perform ‘Ages of Man’ speech form ‘As You Like It’ – with dodgy beards!

An extract from A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Chew Valley School’s year 8 drama group.

Get creative with the bard


Find a short extract from your favourite Shakespeare play.

Or a short duologue/extract  if there are more than one of you who are keen to express your inner Hamlet/Juliet/Macbeth.


Perform as if your life depended on it.

Dress up, set the stage, do what every you like. Anyone can have a go!


Record and send to us and we will edit it into a short Shakespeare mash up – Chew Valley style.

Let us know if you need some help choosing an extract and we will supply one.


It’s easy!


Get it to us by Friday 29 May.


Thanks for getting involved with our Shakespeare project. We can’t wait to see you all on line!

If you need some suggestions of scripts to perform , then just email on

In order to make your recording  the best it possible can, please can you follow these simple instructions.

Making your recording

Record your film on landscape, not portrait (so horizontal, not vertical).

You can record on any device.

Make sure the microphone is within 2 metres of the performer.

Try and keep your device stable  and fix it somewhere it does not move if possible.

Try and record in a room where there are some soft furnishings to help with the sound quality, and try and avoid background noise.

Check there is enough light to see the performer clearly.

Film from the waist up if you possible.

Background and costume – whatever you like! You may need to record a couple of times to make sure you are happy with the quality.

Send the video recording to Valley Arts Please send the video using WeTransfer to

The deadline is Friday 22 May.

  1. Please save the video as nameplay. Eg janesmithMacbeth 
  2. Go to 
  3. You do not need to sign up and you do not need to log in. 
  4. Click on the blue circle with the + in it and select the video file that you want to send. Then fill in what they ask you to – add your email address and send to 
  5. You will receive a verification code which you have to input but that is it. It will take a while as it will be a reasonably large file.