Murdered to Death

Performed by CATS ( Chew Amateur Theatrical Society ) in February 2009

Written by Peter Gordon 

A witty spoof Agatha Christie style whodunit with an incompetent police inspector a very suspicious group of house guests and a useless butler. Will the fussy Miss Maple save the day? Or will Inspector Pratt get his man, and if so, will it be the right one? 

This play will have you, along with at least one of the cast in stiches!


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murder mystery.

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THE CAST (in order of appearance)

Mildred Mary Douglas-Jones
Dorothy Emma Shaw
Bunting Pete Brownlee
Colonel Charles Craddock Charles Thursby-Pelham
Margaret Craddock Carolyn Page
Elizabeth Hartley-Trumpington Ros Robinson
Pierre Marceau Graham Veitch
Joan Maple Pat Roderick
Constable Thomkins Peter Walford
Inspector Pratt Andy Leeder

The action takes place in the lounge of a country manor house in the mid 1930’s.

Act 1

Scene 1: Late afternoon, autumn

Scene 2: The following morning

Act 2

Scene1: Two hours later

Scene 2: An hour later




Pete Brownlee

Artistic Director:

Judy Kendall

Producer &

Stage Director:

Andy Leeder

Stage Manager:

Ian Roderick


John Davey, Jem Brownlee, Ben Shaw


Pete Brownlee

Set Design & Construction:

Judy Kendall, Andy Leeder, Peter Walford with help from others


Judy Kendall

Furniture & Property:

The Cast

Poster Design:

Ailish McKendry