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Luna: a play about the Moon

Sat, 16 November 2019

For as long as we have turned our eyes to the sky we have been entranced by the Moon.

5 – adult

The Moon is our closest celestial body, a constant fellow traveller in our journey through the Universe. The Moon controls our tides, stabilises our orbit, marks our time. The Moon has been an inspiration for countless stories, myths, songs, and poems. And in July 1969 two humans finally walked on its surface.

Luna – a brand new show to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the moon landing – is a joyous adventure, celebrating humanity’s ongoing fascination with this mysterious lump of dead grey rock, from our earliest attempts to explain its ever-changing presence, to the extraordinary scientific and technological achievements that culminated in Neil Armstrong’s one small step.

Performed by two actors around a table, with a supporting cast of household objects and domestic lights, Luna is rich feast of storytelling, object manipulation, puppetry, music, history and science, suitable for everyone aged seven and over.


A must see for children of all ages – even the big, grown-up ones

Time Out on Hulse’s One Small Step

A fantastic production that inspired fascinating and challenging conversations amongst my GCSE students

Head of Drama, Marlwood Secondary School

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Introduction to Object Theatre

3.45pm (after the show)

Limited spaces, so please book with tickets.



Sat, 16 November 2019
14:30 – 15:30

Free workshop at 15.45

Compton Martin Village Hall
The Street
Compton Martin
BS40 6JN