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What’s on? – for Kids


The Seekers Podcast

from The Wardrobe Ensemble and
The Wardrobe Theatre

Join Alph, Betty and Gammo on their adventures, through space, time and beyond in the playful and interactive podcast for 3-8yrs
Alph, Betty and Gammo are ‘The Seekers’ – born out of The Star Seekers, The Time Seekers and The Deep Sea Seekers, a series of family theatre shows that have been touring the UK for years. Each podcast episode join The Seekers for an adventure across the universe, through the past and future, to the bottom of the ocean or somewhere brand new and very exciting!

Available now.



presented by Tessa Bide Productions 

Puppetry, original music and animation bring to life a story of expectation, disappointment, acceptance and love.
A young boy waits for the birth of his new baby sister, his excitement bubbling over at the thought of a new playmate to race and chase with. He can’t wait to tell her all about the swifts which nest not far from the top window of their pointy house… it’s nearly time, she’s nearly here.



Rehearsal Madness

from Roustabout Theatre

Silly rehearsal and acting games for anyone to play at home.
Before we get down to rehearsing, we like to wake up our brains, imaginations and funny bones with nonsense like this.
We post a new one every other Friday on our social media channels, and you can catch up with them all right here…

Available now.


The Great Jelly of London

from the Royal Albert Hall

Actor Samuel West will present a special storytelling session as part of the Royal Albert Home series, reading Paul Jennings’ 1967 book The Great Jelly of London. Illustrated by Gerald Rose, it is a much-loved children’s fantasy book centred around Mr Bonamy Didcot’s grand plan to make an enormous jelly using the Royal Albert Hall as a mould!


Home delivery

from Roustabout Theatre

Fancy a little kitchen sink drama? A dining room farce? Or a sofa saga?

Well, you’re in luck! Home Delivery is a series of short, accessible play scripts that you can download, rehearse and perform in your homes!
The scripts are designed to be child (and grown-up!) friendly, with clear stage directions to make the rehearsal process as enjoyable as possible. Whether you see yourself as a budding performer or a brooding director, Home Delivery gives you the opportunity to play as a family!
We’d love to see what you come up with, so if you’re feeling proud of your tour de force productions, why not share them with us via social media? Tag us @WeAreRoustabout using the hashtag #TheatreHomeDelivery.



from Comedy Club 4 Kids

Tiernan Douieb, who brought ‘How Does This Politics Thing Work Then?’ to Valley Arts Fringe Festival in November, hosts this hilarious hour of stand-up comedy for kids.


Beauty and the Beast

from Chichester Festival Youth Theatre

A foolish prince cursed to a life alone in a castle; a kind and beautiful girl who asks her father for nothing but a rose. One must learn to love and be loved in return, the other needs to realise there’s more than meets the eye. It’s a tale of magic, compassion and love, full of enchanting characters, marvellous musical numbers and some deliciously scary moments, guaranteed to delight the whole family.

Ages 7+


Available from 21 May.


Online Ballet Classes

from The Ballet Coach

Sarah De-Feu is an English National Ballet School trained dancer, with her own academy. In order to make sure her students could continue lessons she’s launched some online classes for toddlers through to grannies and has suddenly taken on a lot more students!


Opera For Kids

from the Royal Albert Hall

Baritone Maciek O’Shea from Albert’s Band will deliver an exclusive set for kids from his home as part of the Royal Albert Home sessions.
Maciek will entertain us with opera favourites by Mozart, Handel and Bizet, as well as some lesser-known arias and some traditional songs.

Available from Saturday 16 May at 2pm.


Family Dance Workshops

from Sadler’s Wells Theatre

Take part in fun family dance workshops designed for children aged 2 to 6 years (and big kids too!) Learn how to balance, move like your favourite animal, and dance the way colours make you feel. There are 10 different movement activities for children and their grown-ups to follow at home. These workshops are specially created for families with younger children to do from home while nurseries and schools are closed. They form part of Sadler’s Wells’ ‘Take Part’ series.



from The Egg and Travelling Light

Follow the wintry adventures of Snow Mouse — a sweet, doe-eyed puppet wielded by the equally doe-eyed Frank Wurzinger — as he traverses a landscape of cotton-wool snow. A screen isn’t as interactive as the original, but it’s charming and energetic.

Available from now.


Improv Task

by Deepraj Singh

Kids! Move and groove with Deeps!

Available to stream now.


How to make…

your own shadow puppet theatre

Puppets are a great creative learning game for children. You can make your own shadow puppet theatre out of a cardboard box and help your kids put on their own puppet show. If you’re looking for story inspiration, try your favourite nursery rhyme.


Disney on Stage

Fun Activities to do at home.

Disney Theatrical Productions is offering free downloadable creative activities from The Lion King, Mary Poppins, Frozen and Aladdin. From costume-making and designing your own set model to creative writing to behind-the-scenes videos.


The Wind in the Willows

from The West End

Based on the classic children’s story by Kenneth Grahame, the musical musical opened in June 2017, starred Rufus Hound as Toad, Simon Lipkin as Ratty, Craig Mather as Mole, Neil McDermott as Chief Weisel, Denise Welch as Mrs Otter and Gary Wilmot as Badger.

Available to stream for a fee of £2.99.


How to make…

a dragon marionette

STOP! Don’t throw out those toilet paper rolls. Instead use them to make a fire-breathing dragon puppet.


I Want my Hat Back

from The Little Angel Theatre

I Want My Hat Back is the first in a trilogy of books by Jon Klassen. The mischievous tale follows a bear who’s hat is gone, and he wants it back. Patiently and politely, he asks the animals he comes across, one by one, if they have seen it. Ian Nicholson will be performing the show from home during lockdown, with set by Samuel Wilde and music by Jim Whitcher.

Available from 13 April.


I Wish I Was A Mountain

by Toby Thompson

I Wish I Was A Mountain uses rhyme, live music, and just a smattering of metaphysical philosophy to boldly reimagine Herman Hesse’s classic fairytale. Do we really need the things that we need? What do mountains feel? How did time begin? For ages 7+.

Available to stream now.


What Does An Anteater Eat?

from Little Angel Theatre

Watch Toby Olié’s puppet retelling of Ross Collins’ book ‘What Does an Anteater Eat?’, made entirely during lockdown, with music by Adam Pleeth..

Available until 1 September.