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A Fighting Spirit

Thursday 29th July 2021 at 7.30 pm

Performed by CATS (Chew Amateur Theatrical Society)


The setting is Upper Diddling, a quiet village in the West of England.  The Year is 1933.  A doughty little Amateur Dramatics group is in the middle of rehearsals for a musical play, but it has a fight on its hands. 

The Village Hall is threatened with closure by a crooked local councillor, there’s fighting within the cast, and a restless spirit is causing havoc backstage.  Who will win the day?

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Living Spit’s
Beauty & The Beast

Wed 8 Sept – 7.30pm

The enormously popular Living Spit stars Howard Coggins and Stu McLoughlin. Howard is beautiful. There’s no escaping that. But then so is Stu. In fact, Living Spit is widely known as the most physically attractive two-man musical comedy theatre company in the South-West. However, in this tale as old as time one of them will have to portray an ugly, foul-tempered beast. But which one will it be?

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