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from Flibbertigibbet Theatre

Saturday 12th November 2022 – 10.30am/1.15pm

West Harptree Memorial Hall, West Harptree


Listen to the world around you…gurgles, burbles, growls, crackles and crunches fill the space.

What sound is that?

Is it excited?

Is it happy?

What sounds do you like?

Mik & Kin are Sound Collectors. Boxes of their favourite sounds have been checked, all ready to take home. But the boxes are not behaving – naughty giggles slip through the cracks and are causing chaos. Storms are raging and the sounds are unleashed.

Mik & Kin need your help to soothe the troubled storm with a lullaby and lure the giggle with new, enticing sounds. Your voices will help in the creation of a new and unique piece of music that you get to take home.

Babble is a new theatrical experience for Early Years audiences, aged 3-5 years. Supporting children’s language development and communication skills, Babble puts the voice of the child centre stage

A collaboration of a team of amazing sound artists and theatre makers, the show is a playful live experience. Through the creation of a brand new piece of music featuring their voices to take away, we offer the child creative ownership with a legacy.

Babble values and celebrates the child’s voice in whatever language they speak.


It’s magical

That’s me! I did this!

Very inventive!

The children were mesmorised

Quotes from audience members

Sat, 12 November 2022  –  10.30/13.15

West Harptree Memorial Hall
Compton Martin Road
West Harptree
BS40 6EG


Age 3-5