Rules of the Valley Arts 200 Club lottery

  1. The name of the lottery is the Valley Arts 200 Club ("the Club").
  2.  The purpose of the lottery is to raise funds for the sole benefit of the charity Chew Valley Performing Arts (registered charity number 1163177).
  3. The lottery is run as a Small Society Lottery under the provisions of the Gambling Act 2005 and operates under licence from Bath & North East Somerset Council.
  4. The lottery is administered by a Promoter appointed by the management committee of the Club, who can be contacted by email.
  5. Subscription to the Valley Arts 200 Club is open to anyone aged 16 or over.
  6. All subscribers must submit a completed application form and set up a standing order with their bank.
  7. The subscription per number is £10 per month, paid monthly in advance by standing order, or £120 a year.
  8. Subscribers can purchase more than one number.
  9. Numbers will be allocated in the order applications are received. Subscriptions are processed in the order applications are received.
  10. There is a maximum of 200 numbers in the club. New subscribers will be admitted when numbers become available: a waiting list will be kept and numbers offered strictly in accordance with the list.
  11. Each month there will be 3 numbers drawn with a total of 45% of the monthly subscription income allocated as follows:
    1. First prize = 30%
    2. Second prize = 10%
    3. Third prize = 5%
  12. The lottery will run continuously from when the number of members reaches 50.
  13. The monthly draw will be held in the last week of every month, in the presence of at least two members of the Valley Arts 200 Club management committee. All subscribers are entitled to attend the draws: you will be notified in advance by email with details of the date, time and venue for each month's draw.
  14. Each draw will be made using an automatic random number generator. Winners will be contacted by email and notified of their prize, and the winning numbers will be posted on the Valley Arts website.
  15. The Promoter will determine any dispute.
  16. Subscribers can cancel their entry in the lottery at any time by giving one month’s written notice to the Promoter, by email or by mail to Valley Arts 200 Club, The Granary Loft, Manor Courtyard, Stratton on the Fosse, Bath BA3 4QF.
  17. The Valley Arts 200 Club reserves the right to amend or vary the rules of the lottery at any time. The up-to-date rules of the lottery will be available on the Valley Arts website.