Our overall fundraising goal is to raise £3 million over four years, achieved in two phases.

Phase 1 will see us raise £30,000 in Year 1 (2015/16). This will enable us to employ professional fundraising consultants who specialise in fundraising and development services to the arts and heritage sector in England.

In Phase 2, the consultants will work with the board of The Valley in accessing the institutional funding, major donors and private philanthropists that will enable building to begin and the project to be taken through to completion.

Phase 1

We aim to raise 50% of the £30,000 needed via school and community events. These will include concerts, productions, festivals, and a summer fete.
We plan to raise 25% of this initial funding from local seed funding grants and 25% from individual donations (much of which has already been promised or received).

Phase 2

The consultants will assist the trustees in developing our draft fundraising plan:

Music 5



Grants 85% £2,550,000
Corporate giving 3% £90,000
Sponsorship 3% £90,000
Community events 2.5% £75,000
School events 2.5% £75,000
Individual giving 2.5% £75,000
200 Club 1% £30,000
Membership fees 0.5% £15,000
100% £3 million

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