Join the Valley Arts 200 Club lottery

The Valley Arts 200 Club lottery is a great way for you to have a chance to win generous cash prizes, while at the same time helping raise funds for the fantastic Chew Valley Performing Arts Centre project.

The lottery is open to anyone aged 16 or over and is incredibly simple to join:

  1. It costs just £10 per month to buy a lottery number. Decide whether you want to buy one lottery number or more.
  2. Complete the 200 Club application form and post it off to us.
  3. Set up a standing order with your bank to be paid in the first week of each month (to be eligible for the draw at the end of each month). 200 Club standing order form
  4. You will receive an email from us allocating lottery numbers.
  5. Each month the winners will be contacted directly by email and the winning numbers posted on our website.

As the name suggests, the Valley Arts 200 Club is limited to 200 lottery numbers, but we will begin running the draw as soon as we have 50 numbers paid for.

Each month 55% of the subscription money will be paid out to Valley Arts' fundraising, and 45% will be paid out in prize money.
As you can see below, the more numbers paid for each month, the bigger the prize money you can win. Join now to be sure there are still numbers left!


Paid-for numbers in the club 1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize
100 £300 £100 £50
150 £450 £150 £75
200 £600 £200 £100

Everyone's lottery numbers are re-entered in the draw each month: if you win once, you can still win again the following month: it's just the luck of the draw!
The rules for the Valley Arts 200 Club can be found here and if you have any questions about the Club please contact us at ValleyArts200Club.

Good luck – and thank you!

200 Club application form

200 Club standing order form

Rules for Valley Arts 200 Club