Any organisation is only as strong as the people who put their hands up to say "we want to make this happen."
The residents of the Chew Valley are characterised by their community involvement in everything from libraries-in-phone boxes to amateur dramatic societies.

We're fortunate have the enthusiastic support - and rigorous feedback - from residents of the valley who give their time, expertise and commitment to make this ambitious idea a reality.

  • They are members of choirs and dance groups and bands who know the pleasure of performing together and want to see the opportunities grow.
  • They are busy working people, and retirees, who have professional skills they enjoy putting to use for a project they believe in.
  • They are young people who put on shows, organise flash-mobs, stack the chairs and rattle the buckets.
  • They are parents and grandparents, uncles and aunts and family friends who have watched children grow in confidence as they perform on stage - some of them going on to professional training and performing on a wider stage. They want to give something back.


While we are in our development phase, and spending our funds very frugally, volunteer members support us in a variety of ways:

  • Staying in touch and giving us feedback
  • Coming to open meetings to vote on important issues
  • Giving their time and expertise
  • Different members manage our social media, design our publicity materials and website, write press releases, take photographs and organise fundraising events.
  • We enjoy ourselves, as well as working hard - we hold our meetings in local pubs (with free function rooms and good wi-fi!).

Do join us. Become a member

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