Building plans

The aim of the Chew Valley Performing Arts Centre project is to provide a prestigious building which provides for a range of facilities and activities that meet the needs of the Chew Valley community, including:

  • A substantial multi-purpose performance arena
  • An informal cultural meeting place for arts-related activities
  • Rehearsal space, meeting rooms, a drama Studio and dance studio
  • Exhibition space and art wall
  • Coordination point for arts groups and events in the valley
  • Community library information, order/exchange point.

Sketch-plan designs for the centre have been produced for us pro bono by architects Andrzej Blonski who have extensive experience designing performing arts spaces (including renovations to the Bristol Old Vic theatre).

A formal tendering process to commission more detailed architectural plans, which will be used to generate budget forecasts and public consultation, will be funded by the development phase of the project.

The site

Land for the project has been made available by Chew Valley School on its site between Chew Magna and Chew Stoke, subject to the details of a lease of the land to our charity, Chew Valley Performing Arts.

The terms of the proposed lease will include provision for use of the new facility by the school's performing arts department. The school's usage will be partially or wholly set off against the value of the lease, and will help to ensure maximum occupation of the facility throughout the year.

Proposed site plan for Valley ArtsOption 1 - ground floor plan

Proposed building - view from car park

Proposed building - view from service road

Typical sections of proposed building