An arts centre for Chew Valley

What we want to build

The Valley is a brand-new, versatile performing arts centre planned for the Chew Valley to bring local and professional performers together with the enthusiastic local audiences of our area.

At present the Chew Valley lacks a large performance space. The proposal for The Valley is a 250-seater flexible auditorium, supported by a dance studio and several smaller meeting and rehearsal rooms.

Flexibility in design will allow for a cinema facility and visual arts exhibition spaces. See our current sketch plans. Input into audience capacity and facilities of the centre is actively invited from all the performing arts groups in the valley: if we haven't already met with you please get in touch. Send us a message

Who we are

The promoter of The Valley project is an independent charity called Chew Valley Performing Arts, The organisation with patrons, trustees and an active body of members and supporters around the Chew Valley and beyond.

Where will it be

The proposed venue for the new building is land that has been made available within the grounds of Chew Valley School. The contract between the charity and the school will be centred on a lease of the land, with a commensurate use of the facility by the school’s performing arts department. With the school as an assured user, the building has every prospect of high usage throughout the day, year-round, which is an essential criterion for obtaining institutional funding.

Why we need this centre


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Our aim is that The Valley will provide new performance opportunities for the local community, as well as attracting touring professional artists. It will be a focal point for singers, actors, musicians and dancers, and will also provide flexible facilities for conferences and classes.

The outcomes we aim to achieve

The Chew Valley Performing Arts Centre’s activities, objectives and aims have been developed in conjunction with the social, economic and environmental goals of the Chew Valley Community Plan, the Chew Valley Chamber of Commerce, and the tourism and economic development aims of Bath & North East Somerset Council:

  • Encouraging creativity in drama, arts, music and media for all age groups within the Chew Valley area
  • Enhancing community cohesion, respect, and understanding
  • Raising the aspirations and confidence of young people from the Chew Valley by providing a dedicated place where they can meet up, interact and perform, empowering and engaging them in purposeful, creative leisure activities
  • Improving health by encouraging physical activity
  • Promoting cultural and leisure opportunities in a sustainable way
  • Enhancing the tourism offering of our district

Chew Valley Performing Arts Centre is more than just a performance space.

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